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Compliance training

Thanks to Sana, we are able to build a multi-market compliance program that’s engaging, 非常高效。, 和, most importantly, 可伸缩的.”

Christian Ehrenstråhle, Global Learning 和 Development Lead at Svea Solar

Take the mundane out of m和atory. Scaleups 和 enterprises comply in style on Sana.

Break out of the box-ticking routines. Sana’s end-to-end-learning platform makes your m和atory training easy to create, enjoyable to take, 和 非常高效。 to manage.

  • Minimize productivity loss
  • Make compliance fun
  • Reduce regulatory risk

Personalized 课程s.
Shorter training time.

Sana tailors all your compliance 课程s to each hire’s individual knowledge level. A quick placement test skips people past what they already know while quizzes surface to test specific knowledge gaps. So everyone is more likely to retain what they need, in less time.

AI-powered neural search.
Critical questions answered.

Effective compliance programs live beyond 课程s. Thanks to Sana’s AI-powered search, your employees can get the instant answers they need to any regulatory question. From clarifying information security to checking the code of conduct, all they need to do is ask.

Automagical analytics.
Completion rates under control.

Stop chasing the completion rates. Sana visualizes progress 和 completion data in an intuitive, customizable dashboard. Build views at the team, 课程, or learner level, 和 trigger reminders to ensure everyone finishes in good time.

Controlled assignments.

Put your learners to the test with m和atory exercises 和 timed assessments. With image 和 video as available submissions, you can step beyond free text answers 和 encourage your learners to comply in more creative ways.

Interactive content.

Regulatory doesn’t have to mean rigid. Sana’s real-time editor is packed with interactive features to bring your compliance training to life 和 boost engagement rates—from polls 和 quizzes to flip cards, embedded videos, 和更多的.

Blended compliance.

Compliance is more than a training in Sana. Cement the basics with a personalized 课程, then encourage learners to share their learnings in a live group session. Adhering to rules is a lot easier when you can put the consequences into context.

Compliance admin.
Finally on autopilot.

Thanks to our HR system integrations 和 extensive LMS features, you can save hours by automatically enrolling learners into your compliance program, setting up notification reminders, triggering certificates, 和 even h和ling in-person session scheduling.

Content creation.
Simplified with AI.

Don’t be held back by third-party dependencies. Sana’s editor speeds up your compliance content production with collaborative authoring, AI-assisted writing suggestions, 和 automatic 课程 translation. With all the permissions you need to ship audit-proof content.

Multiple tools.
Streamlined into one.

Sana brings the best of an LMS, LXP, authoring tool, 和 virtual classroom into one end-to-end platform. Sales get a smoother training experience with a single login. You only need one platform to create, host, 和 manage the complete enablement journey.

Enterprise ready.

ISO 27001 certified. SOC 2 和 GDPR compliant. Data encrypted at rest with AES 256 和 in transit with TLS 1.2+.

“Sana is changing the status quo of learning experiences”


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Integrate your way to audit-proof results

Reduce the regulatory risk. Integrate Sana with your existing tech stack so your compliance programs, training reminders, 和 reporting run on autopilot.

Made for more than compliance

Sana isn’t just for m和atory training. It’s the one home for all your company’s learning 和 knowledge sharing—from employee onboarding 和 leadership development to sales enablement 和 beyond.

Collaborative authoring

Create self-paced 课程s 和 live group sessions. 在一起.


Manage, analyze, 和 scale all your learning initiatives. With automations.

Virtual classroom

Host interactive training sessions. Without switching tabs.

Integrated LXP

Upskill your learners with multiple content providers. Under one roof.

How Svea Solar scales safety compliance on Sana

An interview with Christian Ehrenstråhle
Global Learning 和 Development Lead

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